[CE] Package content

After complete your payment, you can access your member area and get all the offered files:

  • ClassifiedEngine version 1.X.X: this is the theme package, which is the main file you can use to set up your site. Please disguish it with ClassifiedEngine version 2.X.X.
  • ClassifiedEngine version 2.X.X: this is also the theme package which is applied for those who use CE Shop extension.
  • ClassifiedEngine documentation: this file includes steps- by – steps guide to help you set up your site. You don’t have to upload it in your site.
  • ClassifiedEngine demo home slider backup: This is the default slider we provide to help you customize your site more. Just like the “Sample data”, the video “Install the theme” will demonstrate how to use it.
  • ClassifiedEngine child theme: this is the additional package, you can use it if you want to customize the theme more. You can learn more about it here.
  • ClassifiedEngine PSD package: The name speaks itself, it’s the design of the theme, you don’t have to upload it.
  • Slider revolution: This is the additional plugin we offer. Whenever there’s a new update, you can download it and use the FTP account to install it in your site. Since it is integrated right in the theme, you can’t have the license key to automatically update it in the back-end.
  • OneEngine: This is the free multipurpose theme we offer, you don’t have to upload it on your site.