[CE] Set up general information

1. General

Your website’s general information can be edited anytime in the back-end: Engine Settings > Settings > General. These information include:

  • Website title
  • Website Description. This will appear next to your logo in header.
  • Copyright Information. This will appear in the footer.
  • Google Analytics. This is a service offered by Google that generates detailed statistics of the visits made to your site. Please note that you should put the full script not only your ID.

2. Branding: Uploading logos

This section allows you to edit your logos for desktop and mobile versions. On your WordPress admin site, click Engine Settings > Settings > Branding. Please note that each logo has different image file requirements.

Desktop version logo:

  • preferably transparent
  • png, gif or jpg format
  • 150x50px image size
  • less than 1500kb image file size

Mobile icon should be 57x57px image size