[CE] Complete other settings

1. Google captcha

Go to Engine settings > Settings > General.

Enable this option you can prevent spammers from registering and posting.

Note: If you are using the reCAPTCHA V1, unfortunately, it has been shut down since March 2018.
Please make sure that you have updated our theme to the latest version.
After the update, please obtain new reCaptcha v2 API for the feature to work by getting a new key with the link in the Setting section. 

2. Pending ads

From Engine settings > Settings > Ads.

If you enable this option, an ad has to receive your approval before being displayed in the front-end, which means you can absolutely keep your site stay away from unsuitable ones.

Furthermore, you can decide to allow users to comment on an ad or not in this section. 

3. Url slugs

You can easily create url slugs for the site following Engine settings > Advanced settings: