[CE] Using CE Shop

CE Shop is the result of the integration between ClassifiedEngine and WooCommerce. Therefore, you have to activate WooCommerce in your site first before installing CE Shop. After that, you can visit WooCommerce settings tab in the back-end to set up your CE Shop.

Install and activate WooCommerce.

  1. Visit your admin panel, choose Plugin > Add new.
  2. Search “WooCommerce” and you will then see a list of plugins, choose WooCommerce – excelling eCommerce. Click Install and Activate the plugin.

   3. You will then see a tab named WooCommerce in your admin panel to do your settings.

Install and set up CE Shop

  1.   Install CE Shop

Before doing the installation, you need to back up your site completely. CE Shop is officially compatible with ClassifiedEngine from version 2.0, for those who don’t want to use CE Shop, you can use ClassifiedEngine version 1.x.
You can activate CE Shop similar to how you install and set up WooComcerce for ClassifiedEngine:
Choose Plugin > Add new > Search for CE Shop > Click Install and Activate.

  2.  Set up the extension

You can find the settings in the WooCommerce tab, there are 03 sections you need to set up: General, Checkout and Emails

  • General

Just like its name, you can set up all the general information for the extension and how the information is displayed in the front-end. It includes location, currency and front-end styles.

  • Checkout

In this tab, you just have to set up the payment gateways. You don’t have to set up the Checkout Process, Checkout pages as well as the Checkout Endpoints.

For the Payment gateways section:
-          You can simply drag the options to arrange their orders.
-          Choose the default payment gateway by checking the “default” option.
-          Enable or disable the payment gateways by clicking on the status.
-          Change the payment gateways’ description by clicking the “settings” button.
-          You can also buy the other payment gateways plugins such as” PayPal, Stripe from WooCommerce’s site.

  • Emails

In this tab, you can set up the emails sent to the users in different cases such as: when there’s a new order, when the order is completed, reset password notification…

 3.  How CE Shop works

  • Add products to cart

Once you activate the extension, users will find an option to add the product whenever they hover over the ad. They can add as many products as they want and review them later.

  • Record page

After that, there’s a Record Page CE Shop offers for users to check up the things they have added. It includes all the information you need to review before making the payment such as: product name, price, quantity and total payment.

  • Payment gateways

Once users complete their reviewing, they can start making the payment. They have to fill in all the needed information for the order as well as the destination. And the best thing is, there are various payment gateways for you to set up. As mentioned above, the theme is compatible with WooCommerce so that you can integrate any payment method based on your need: PayPal, Cheque or Direct transfer, etc.

  • Upgraded profile

CE Shop integration will also upgrade your profile page. Users now have three separate tabs to manage the orders: the “Purchase order” will keep track all the orders you have received and contrarily, the “Sale order” includes all the orders you have made, and the “Transactions” tab for income report.
As for the admin, just like how you manage the users on your site, you have right to view and take care of the orders on your site. See the details, change the status or complete the order…you can control them all and keep your site running on the right track.