[CE] Custom Fields

1.    A quick look at CE Custom Fields Guide

CE Custom Fields is an extension which provides admin to create a more specific ad posting form. Admin can add more fields to the form for more ad information.
Downloading and activating CE Custom Fields on your ClassifiedEngine
There are two ways for you to install CE Custom Fields Guide: Automatic plugin installation and Manual plugin installation. 

Automatic installation:
1.    Download CE Custom Fields from your EngineThemes account.
2.    Go to Plugins > Add new > Upload > Choose CE Custom Fields and upload it.
3.    If successful, click Activate Plugin to activate it.

Manual installation:
1.    After purchasing CE Custom Fields, download it from your EngineThemes account.
2.    Extract the downloaded file into your wp-content > plugins folder.
3.    Activate the plugin in "Plugins" tab in the backend. 

2.    Backend settings

There are two tabs in the backend: Meta fields and Taxonomy. Each of these tabs provides admin different ways to input values:
-    List of fields: this field allows admin to choose 3 different types for customers to insert values: text, date or url. 
-    List of Taxonomies: admin can decide which type will appear on the frontend when their customers post or edit an ad: 
+ If you want to allow your customers to choose more than one option, you should choose the Checkbox type.
+ In contrary, you should choose the Radio or Dropdown type.
To add options for taxonomy color, following the image instructions below:
-    Choose Ads > Color then fill all the empty fields 

3.    How the CE Custom Fields appears in the Front end

With the CE Custom Fields, there are 3 displaying styles when users add or change an ad:

-    Radio style

-    Dropdown style

-    Checkbox style