[CE] Ad Map

1.    A quick look at CE Ad Map

CE Ad Map is an extension which provides visitors an overview of where the ads are located. Visitors can zoom in or out the map to see the ad located by continent, country or city.

Downloading and activating Ad Map on your ClassifiedEngine
There are two ways for you to install CE Ad Map: Automatic plugin installation and Manual plugin installation. 

Automatic installation:
1.    Download CE Ad Map from your EngineThemes account.
2.    Go to Plugins > Add new > Upload > Choose CE Ad Map and upload it.
3.    If successful, click Activate Plugin to activate it.

Manual installation:
1.    After purchasing CE Ad Map, download it from your EngineThemes account.
2.    Extract the downloaded file into your wp-content > plugins folder.
3.    Activate the plugin in “ Plugins” tab in the backend.

2.    Backend settings

2.1.    Setting up the CE Ad Map

At the backend Settings Options, admin can decide whether to show or hidden google map for ads: Choose the Enable option to show map whenever you insert or edit an ad.
    Admin can also use the short code to display the map in content:
-    Address: Set the center location for the map
-    Zoom: Set the default zoom for the map
-    Height: Set the height for the map
-    Width: Set the width for the map

2.2.    Widget settings 

Admin can decide how the widget map will be shown:
-    Title: Enter a name and this title will be shown on the top of the map.
-    Map center: Enter the location which you want to be displayed in the center of the map.
-    Default zoom: Set a zoom level for the map.
-    Width: Set the width for the map. You can choose to set it in number or percentage. 
-    Height: Set the height for the map in pixels.

3.    How to use the map in the frontend

After completing all the settings in the backend, input the address and it will automatically appear in the map. Then, drag and drop marker map to locate the ad. 
To search for an ad, use the address input and Click the red button to view the map in a bigger size.