[CE] eBay Ads

1.    API Settings

To insert values for plugin, choose Engine Settings > CE Import > API Settings 

-    You need an App ID to connect to data Ebay.com. To get an App ID, register at the following link: https://go.developer.ebay.com/. After successful registration, eBay will give you an APP ID 

-    Affiliate Settings: this area contains the information to help Ebay.com identify the users. You have to fill 3 fields: Custom ID, Network ID and Tracking ID    

2.    Manual

This is where admin can search and import ads from eBay.com to their site. After filling all the fields, click the Search button and the ads will be imported to your site.

3.  Manage ads

This is where admin can control all the ads imported from eBay. You can see all the imported ads and delete them whenever you want: you can delete all the ads at the same time or delete some ads at a time.