[CE] Ad Alert guide


You have to install and activate these following theme and extension:

  •    CE Ad Alert extension
  •    ClassifiedEngine theme


  • Allows users to subscribe for new ad notification emails
  • Users can receive new ads by specific categories and locations based on their choices


1.     After activating the extension, choose Engine Setting > CE  Alert
2.     Configuration parameters:
     •    Recurrence: Decide how often your users can receive notification emails. (Daily or weekly)
     •    Ad Limit: Limit the number of ads will be sent in every notification.
     •    Batch Email:
          -    Alert emails are sent in batches (Batch Email) per your selected frequency (Recurrence). For each batch, you can send a maximum of 100 emails. If the number of emails to be sent at a given time exceeds the batch size you set, the remaining emails will be included in the next batch.
          -    Each email contains the number of ad defined in the "Ad Limit" and only "published" ads that match the subscriber's alert criteria are included.
          -    The "Batch Email" is limited to 100 but some web hosts allow fewer than this value. To avoid being blacklisted, you should contact your web host to know the right limit.

3.    The subscriber list will be displayed in the Menu interface. 


This extension supports one widget for users to insert email and they can receive notification about ads.
-    Choose Appearance > Widgets.  Drag and drop CE Alert to the position you want it to appear.                          

-    In the front - end, after filling all the fields, users will be received notification emails based on their choices.