[DnE] Set up the "submit a restaurant" form

Since "Posting places" is the main action of users, it's also the main method for you to generate revenue. You should always remember to create "Posting places" form for your users to display their projects.
Visit  Engine settings > Settings > Payment and go through the following steps to complete the settings:
Choose the payment gateways > Create package plans > Create categories and locations > Decide additional information

1. Choose the currency format and payment gateways

Wherever you are, it is easier than ever to set your very own local currency with flexible choices for number format (decimal point or thousand separators).  
You can easily find it at the first section of Payment tab.

Payment gateways
DiningEngine is supported with three popular payment gateways:  PayPal2CheckOut, and of course Cash. You can decide which payment gateways you want to use and disable the others.

2. Create package plans 

Payment plans are price packages which you can create for your users to choose when posting places. Each payment plan shows  the price, the time period a place will be active on your site and the number of projects can be posted.
·           Adding new payment plan:
Insert all the needed information and hit Save button to create a new plan.
      -  SKU
      -  Enter a name for your plan: insert a name for the payment plan
      -  Price: insert the price for the plan
      -  Availability: decide how many days this plan will be available
      -  Number of events can post in each listing: decide how many events an employer can post using this plan.
      -  Short description of this package: enter a short description of this plan.
      -  Featured place: once you select this option, the places which are posted using this plan will be marked as featured.

            Edit a payment plan
   You can also edit the created plans by clicking the Pen icon next to it.

After complete all the needed settings, you can use the Payment test Mode to check it. Once you enable this function, you can test the payment without charging your account.
According to your settings, whenever the user posts a listing, they will see the payment system appear as below.

3. Decide additional information

Beside the above settings, you can decide additional information for the posted projects with the options: 

  • Maximum number of pictures in gallery
  • Maximum number of categories
  • Pending post:
  • View counter

Find them at  Engine settings > Settings > Content

4. Create categories and location

Place category: 
You can set up the categories for the posted places in this section:
-    To create a new category: 
     •    Click the “Plus” symbol.
     •    Insert a name for the category.
     •    Choose a color represent the category.
     •    Choose a symbol represent the category.

-    After that, you can also set sub-categories for the main one.
     •    Click the “plus” symbol.
     •    Follow the steps you as you create a new category.


-    If you don’t want the created category anymore, you absolutely can delete it by clicking the “X” symbol.
-    You can also arrange the order of the categories by dragging them to the right positions.

Similar to the place categories, this section allows you to create the locations for the places. Please note that this is not relevant to the addresses users submit when posting place. This address is located in the map based on Geolocation, you don’t have to set up anything. The user has to insert the right address to display it on the map.

      •    Click the “plus” symbol to make a new location. Then press “Enter”.
      •    You can create sub – locations for one location by clicking the “plus” symbol at the end of the main location.
      •    In addition, you can also arrange the order of the locations just like the way you do with place categories.
      •    And of course, by clicking the “X” symbol, you can delete the location if you don’t want it anymore.

5. Note

In the early days of your website, you can allow users to submit projects for free to get traffic. 
Choose  Engine settings > Settings > Payment and find the option "Free to submit place"
Once you've had your loyal users, you can disable this function and create package plans as guidance above,