[DE] Introducing DirectoryEngine

What is DirectoryEngine?

DirectoryEngine is one of the best business directory WordPress theme solutions for you. Using DirectoryEngine, you can create different kind of directory websites such as hotel, restaurant, school or real estate, etc.

As the admin of the site, you can of course charge users for using your service. You can create payment plans for users to post listings with detailed information. You can also offer area to display advertisements.

Besides the desktop version, DirectoryEngine also supports a dedicated mobile version, you never have to worry about missing the mobile users. 

What can users do?

As a user, you can do a lot of things in the site:

  • Register an account
  • Log in via social network accounts
  • Submit a place with detailed information and photos/ videos
  • Add events for your places
  • Claim a place
  • Share a place via social media
  • Add a place to favorite list
  • Review other places
  • Contact the other owners
  • Search nearby