[EstateEngine] Visual Composer (Obsoleted)

Kindly note that we no longer support Visual Composer which means that the VC files  are not compatible with the latest version.

This plugin is only supported in the previous version of EstateEngine. After your purchase, if you want to use Visual Composer please contact our customer support to support@enginethemes.com for more information.

•    You can use Visual Composer to edit the pages of your site.
•    Click on the page you want to edit, you will see it appear as below.
There are two editors : Backend Editor and Frontend Editor 

Backend Editor

Add new column  

Before adding the supported elements on your homepage, you should create a new column that will show your change in the right CSS. Following these steps to create a new column:
•    Click “Add Column” button to create a new one on your homepage. Please note new column will be added next to your latest column.

•    Then, you can choose the settings for your new column. It supports some default layouts: 1 column, 2 columns, 3 columns, etc. Also, you can add your custom layouts as well. 

Manage the column:
•    Click the “Trash bin” icon to delete the column
•    Click on the “Pencil” icon to edit the column
•    Click the “Clone” icon to copy a column
•    You can also “Drag” the columns to reorder it as your preference.
Add a new element: After creating the column, you should add new elements for it. Just click the “+” icon to choose and add the supported elements for your column. 

Besides Visual Composer’s default templates, a collection of elements, EstateEngine allows you to add new ones. You can add your own elements to build a new template. 

EE Elements: You can add these elements like our demo site.   

RealEstate Feature: you can add this element and then a setting window will appear as below.   

Then, on the front-end you can view them like this 

RealEstate Category: This element will help you show the number of categories list on your site. You can add the title, the number of categories, etc settings on each element. You can change it to meet your requirements.   

As our settings, the list of 8 categories will be list in horizontal style in our demo site and and 4 categories in vertical style.

RealEstate Blog: It helps you show your posts with the specific the number of posts, category, pagination, and also style. You are free to modify and show it on your front-end.   

Then, you can view your nice display on your front-end. 

RealEstate Service: This has the same settings as RealEstate Feature, you can add more info about your site here, then you front-end will show   

RealEstate Place: It is a special element of RealEsateEngine, you are free to set your settings and your properties list will show like what your need. It allows you to query properties by recent posts or featured posts, category, location, filter bar, default display (grid view or list view). Also, you can change the number of posts for each section and style as well.   

Your front-end will show like the images below:   


RealEstate Review: This element will list all reviews on your properties to show on one section. You can configure the number of posts, style, and pagination for each list. 

Your front-end will show the reviews list like your settings.   

RealEstate Testimonial: It will help you show all your customers’ testimonials and you can do settings and some options on your back-end and your front-end will show as below image: 

RealEstate Banner: It helps admin show banners right on the page set in backend. Take a look at this screenshot with the setting fields of this element 

RealEstate Advanced Search: As you knew in EstateEngine, we provide a developed advanced search bar. It can be also added by setting from backend like this screenshot: 

Also, you can remove the current element with "X" icon. Especially, the clone icon will help you make a copy of your current element.