[ForumEngine] Introducing ForumEngine

A quick look at the main workflow of ForumEngine including:

1. Short description

ForumEngine theme is a WordPress theme which helps you to create your own forum website. Users can create a new thread, reply, follow or like a thread
Besides the desktop version, ForumEngine also supports a dedicated mobile version

2. User roles

  • Subscriber

- Can create new Thread (but cannot publish if [Pending Post] function is enabled in back-end)
- Follow Thread
- View, reply and like Thread and Reply
- Edit, delete Thread and Reply which posted by themselves within 10 minutes
- Report Thread, Reply to Administrator, Moderator
- Edit their profile.

  • Moderator

- Can publish pending Thread
- Edit, delete all Threads, Reply in front-end
- Close Thread
- Access to all Subscriber’s features

  • Administrator: Has access to all administrative options and features (in back-end and front-end)