[ForumEngine] Thread category management

Path Engine Settings > Settings > Content in the back end
This control menu is used to manage thread category in back-end
Allows you to create new categories, or edit, or remove them

1. Create a new thread category

To add a new thread category, select an icon color and type the category name in the text box. Click the add [+] icon to save the entry
To create sub-categories, click the [+] icon on a parent category. You may add multiple levels of sub-categories

2. Edit thread category

You can suit your thread categories to your liking. You can also edit the category name and icon color of your existing categories
To save your changes, click your mouse outside the text field

3. Remove thread category

Click on [x] icon to remove a thread category

4. Arrange the categories

You may also arrange the categories according to how you want it. The drag and drop button on the right of each category allow you to reposition it

After adding some thread categories, the list will show in the front end. Your site users can use the categories to filter their thread search