[ForumEngine] Content management

Path Engine Settings > Settings > Content in the back-end

  • Pending threads: You can prevent the inappropriate thread from appearing on your site by enabling this function. After that, a thread has to receive your approval before being displayed in the front-end, which means you can absolutely keep your site stay away from unsuitable ones. Click on [Enable] to enable this control

Admin can approve or not a pending thread in front-end or back-end

In front-end
Login site with Administrator or Moderator account
The approved icon will be shown on the pending threads list and single thread page. Click on [Approved] icon to publish a thread

In Back-end
- Login back-end with admin account
- Go to Threads > All thread, choose a pending Thread which you want to display on the front-end, click [Edit], choose [Published] status, and don’t forget to press [Update] to finish.

  • Upload Images: To allow users that can add images to the thread by direct upload, click [Enable]. Otherwise, click on [Disable]

  • Infinite Scroll: To activate the Infinite Scrolling, click [Enable]. Otherwise, click on [Disable]

  • Auto Expand Replies: To expand automatically the sub-level replies, click [Enable]. Otherwise, click on [Disable]

  • Send Mail to User's Following Threads: To send automatically email to users who following threads, click [Enable]. Otherwise, click on [Disable]

  • Live Notifications: This control is used to Turn on [Enable] / off [Disable] live notifications feature