[ForumEngine] Complete menus and widgets

1. How to create the menus

Path Appearance > Menus in back-end
ForumEngine supports the header and footer menus. You can use to add, sort or display priority information in your site. You can follow these steps to create the menu

  • Go to Appearance > Menus
  • Choose [Create] a new menu
  • Insert [Menu name] then click [Create] menu

  • To create a header menu similar to our demo site, check [Blog]; [Threads index], [Following thread] at Pages section

  • Click [Add to menu] then [Save menu]. You can also drag the items to the suitable order
  • Finally, on Theme Locations, select where you want it to appear. In this case, it is [Header menu] and click [Save] to finish
  • After completing your settings, the Header menu will be displayed as below in the front-end. You can do the similar settings for footer menu

2. How to use the widgets

Path Appearance > Widgets in back-end
In [Available Widgets] section, there are a lot of widgets that you can add to some sidebars on the right. You can add a widget by dragging it to any supported sidebars such as: Homepage Sidebar, Single Thread Sidebar, etc.
After adding widgets, you can customize it by click on the widget which has just been added and set up some data for it