[ForumEngine] Quick Customization in Front-End

ForumEngine (FE) supports quick customization in front-end to help you easily manage your site’s appearance including layout, font, and color.

To customize your site from front-end, click Active Customization Mode icon located at the middle left of the page.

It will display three parts to modify:

1. Color Schemes.

This allows you to change your site’s color scheme. There are eight colors available for your choice.

2. Page Options.

This enables you to change your site’s layout, background patterns, hyperlink color, and background colors of header, page, and footer.

  • Layout Style: Choose whether one column, two columns with left sidebar, or two columns with right sidebar is best for your site.

  • Background Patterns: Job Engine provides eight simple background patterns to give your site a sleek look.

  • Colors: You can change the colors of your site’s header, page, footer, action1, and action2 backgrounds to achieve a color-coordinated or distinct style.

3. Content Options.

This is where you can change the font style and font size of your site’s heading and content.

Remember to click Save to apply changes on your site.