[ForumEngine] Front-end Control

ForumEngine (FE) provides many options that help admin can control his site’s content better.

1. New post notification number

When a new thread or reply is posted in your FE, the post notification number will be increased 1 more. It will hide as soon as admin reads a new post.

The unread post will be marked to a different background with others. Admin can get the overview and manage the content very convenient.

2. Close thread

A thread is closed that means all users can’t give any reply more and it shows on your site until you use “Delete” thread to remove it out your site.

Just click the “lock” icon to close one thread, admin can view lock icon in many places: the threads list, single threads, and pending threads list.

3. Approve thread

Admin needs to approve thread when a user posts a thread at the first time or he enabled the pending thread option in Engine Settings > Settings > content.

The approved icon will be shown on the pending threads list and single thread page. Just click the approved icon and it will show on the all posts list.

4. Delete thread

If the admin doesn’t want to show the thread anymore, he can press the delete icon. The delete icon will be shown in many places: all posts list, the pending threads list, and single thread page.

Just click the trash icon to delete a thread. That’s all.