[ForumEngine] Email management

This section allows an administrator to control all contents of an email sent to users. ForumEngine provides 11 templates and placeholders for authentication emails 

Should you need to add other information in the e-mail, you can edit the templates anytime. However, please note that placeholders cannot be modified. To save your edits in any template, just click anywhere outside the box 

Email templates for the authentication process. You can use placeholders to include some specific content
[user_login], [display_name], and [user_email]: user's details you want to send mail
[activate_url]: activate link is require for user to renew their pass 
[confirm_link]: activate link is require for user to active their account
[site_url], [blogname], [admin_email]: site info, admin email 

  • Register Mail Template: Register email is sent to users to notify them that they have successfully registered in your site. The email contains their account information
  • Forgot Password Mail Template: This email is sent to users requesting to retrieve password
  • Reset Password Mail Template: Users receive this email once they activated the active link in forgot password email. It notifies them that they have successfully changed their password
  • User Confirmation Mail Template
  • User Confirmationed Mail Template 
  • User Facebook Mail Template
  • User Twitter Mail Template 
  • Following Thread Mail Template
  • Pending Thread Mail Template 
  • Ban member Mail Template 
  • Report Mail Template