[FrE] Manage the content and appearance

The main feature is set up, you then have to control the content in your site.


To control and manage the content being displayed on your site, you should pay attention to the two following options: Pending post and Disable comment. Choose Engine Settings > Settings > Content and you can access them.

Pending post

You can prevent inappropriate posts appear on your site by enabling this function. After that, a post has to receive your approval before being displayed in the front-end, which means you can absolutely keep your site stay away from unsuitable ones

You can then approve the posts in the back-end: visit the “Projects” tab, click on the posted project and “Publish” it:

Disable comment

Just like how it named, the option prevents users from posting comment on the project page.


Video background

Take a look at our demo site, you can easily see people moving at the header, all thanks to Video background feature.

Video Background is an appearance – enhancement feature. With a video is played transparently on your homepage, it could attract more freelancers to your sites.  

Choose Engine settings > Settings > Header video and complete the settings:

This theme gives you 2 ways to add a video to your own. The first option is used if you are a developer, the second method is suitable for who wants to utilize this feature in the fastest and easiest way: just adding your Youtube ID for a sharing.

Project demonstration: you can insert a simple text to describe the main purpose of the action “Post a project”, it’ll then appear in the header of the main page or list project page.

Profile demonstration: similar to the Project demonstration, this section allows you to describe the main of purpose of the action “Find a freelancer”.

Options for the background video:

  • Video background URL: insert the URL so that it’ll be displayed in the header.           
  • Muted header video: Enabling this will mute the video sound on the header.
  • Autoplay header video: Enabling this will make the video on the header automatically play.
  • Loop header video: Enabling this will make the video on the header automatically repeated.

Set up payment

Payment setting is the place where you can modify Payment Currency, Payment Test Mode, Payment Gateways, etc and even you can create the payment plans to monetize users through here.

Please go to Settings Payment and modify like what you would like to be.

To create the payment plan, roll down there and feel free to give the detailed criteria and short description for the usage packages. Please take a look at this screenshot:

After completing one package plan, remember to hit “Save plan” and continue with another one.