[HotelEngine] How to create a gallery

After activating HotelEngine theme, you will see a default page named Gallery whose template is Gallery Template. The pages belonged to Gallery template will display new posts under post – format: Gallery

Instructions to create a gallery:

1.    Add a new post: Choose Posts > Add new.  
2.    Insert a name for the gallery in the first field. 
3.    In the format section, choose  "Gallery" option. 

4.    Click the button Add media
5.    Click Create Gallery.  

6.    In this section, you can choose images for your gallery or you can upload images from your computer by clicking Upload Files
7.    After choosing images for the Gallery, click Create a new gallery

8.    You can arrange the order of images or delete some images, then click Insert Gallery. Your gallery will appear in your post content.

9.    After publishing your post, in the front – end, you will see your gallery appears as below.