[QAEngine] Introducing QAEngine

1. What is QAEngine?

QAEngine is a WordPress theme which allows users to post their questions or answers about every field in life. Be as usual Q&A website, there is no fee for participants on the website using theme QAEngine. Currently, QAEngine is a responsive theme, so it is very convenient for admins to control websites on both PC and Mobile equipment.

2. What can users do?

As a user you can post your questions about any life’s aspect; answer questions of other people; share posts through Facebook, Twitter, Google+; and vote for any post that you think it is useful.  

To post the question you click on button Ask A Question in the red circle.

To vote for the post which you think useful, choose the post and click the up arrow in the red circle

Besides the activities mentioned above, users also gain reputation via points and badges system; get live notification; marked as best answer; follow questions, etc. 
Aside from logging in directly through the website’s account, users can also use their social accounts such as Twitter, Facebook and Google if the admin enables Social option in Engine Settings.