[QAEngine] Set up general information

You can set up the main information for your site in two tabs: General and Branding. Choose Engine settings >Settings and you can see them. In these two tabs, you can insert the Website title, description and upload the logos. You can come back later once complete all the main settings. 


This section allows you to set up general information for your site: 

- Website title: insert title for your website. 

- Website description: This will appear next to your logo in header. 

- Copy right: This will appear in the footer. 

- Google analytics script: This is a service offered by Google that generates detailed statistics of the visits made to your site. 

- Email confirmation: If you enable this function, users have to confirm their email addresses to complete their registration.

2. Upload logos:

This section allows you to edit your logos for desktop and mobile versions. 

From your WordPress admin site, click Engine Settings > Settings > Branding. Please note that each logo has different image file requirements. Oce you set up your logo, it will appear in the site as well as in the intro page. Site logo: 

- Preferably transparent. 

- png, gif or jpg format. 

- 150x50px image size. 

- Less than 1500kb image file size. 

Mobile icon: 

- 57x57px image size. 

Intro page's background: 

- 1400x700px image size or more. 

- Less than 1000KB.

This is how it will look like in the intro page: