[JobEngine] JE RSS Importer Guide

Downloading and activating JE RSS on your JobEngine

1. After purchasing JE RSS, download it from your EngineThemes account.

2. Extract the downloaded file into your wp-content > plugins folder or upload it in Plugins > Upload in back-end.
3. Activate the plugin in “Plugins” tab in the backend.

Once JE RSS is activated, you can choose to import jobs manually or set a schedule for the system to do the chore for you. 

Import jobs from RSS feed manually

From your Engine Settings menu, select JE RSS then click “Manual.” Enter your rss link and hit “Get Job” to display jobs retrieved from the link.

From the list, select the jobs that you want to import to your site. Choose a category and a job type and assign an employer’s account to act as “author” of your imported jobs. By default, the imported jobs display the current logged in admin account as the author.   

Then select how you would want jobseekers to view the job details and submit their applications. Click “Import all selected” jobs to make the jobs active on your site.    

Import jobs from RSS feed by Schedule

If you are going to import jobs from rss feeds so frequently, setting a schedule will make the task easier for you. Set your preferences JE RSS will automatically generate new jobs and import them into your JobEngine. How often should the importation occur? Specify the period of days in the “Recurrence” field. If you enter 7, JE RSS will import new jobs one time every 7 days.

To set a schedule,  

1. Click Schedule > Add new
2. Enter RSS link in the box
3. Select a category for the jobs
4. Select a job type
5. Assign an author from your list of employers. (This is optional. If you leave it blank, the imported jobs will display the current logged in admin account as the author.)
6. Choose an option for “How to Apply”
7. Hit “Save Schedule”

You can add as many schedules as you want and edit or delete them anytime. The Schedules’ list will be shown like the image below:

Manage imported jobs 

JE RSS also allows a site administrator to manage all imported jobs. Go to JE RSS > Manage to see the complete list of your imported jobs.
With managing your rss-imported jobs, we mean you can decide to keep or delete which jobs. You can remove jobs either manually or by system delete (automatic delete).
To manually delete the jobs, tick the box on the left of each job you wish to remove. Should you want to delete all jobs at once, check the box beside Title. Hit “Delete selected jobs” to complete the action.
To automatically delete jobs, set your preference: Automatically delete imported jobs older than ___ days. Press “Delete Now” if you need to remove those old jobs outright.