[JobEngine] JE Custom Fields Guide


You’ve already installed and activated the following theme and extension:
•    JE Custom Field Extension
•    JobEngine theme


This extension allows admin to add more fields to the “ Post a job” section and “Post a resume” section.

Configuration instruction

After activating, choose Engine Setting > JE Custom Fields

1.  Job Field

•    Field name: Enter a name for the field.
•    Field Description: Giving description for the user to understand about the field.
•    Field type:
- Text: It will display a frame for users to type their contents. 
- Drop: It will display a list for users to choose. If you use this type, you have to insert the contents for the drop list. 
- Date: It will display a field in datepicker type for users to choose.
- URL: It will display a frame for users to insert their URL
- Radio: It will display options for user to type their content
You can check on the box "Check this if field is required" if user is required to add information into this field.
The new fields will be shown on the job fields list on your back-end as this picture: 

After completing all the settings, the new fields will appear in the interface. You can arrange these fields by dragging and dropping them to the right positions. This order will also be displayed in the Post a Job form and Single Job page. 

Post a Job form:

Single Job page:

2.    Resume field
  •   The formats of these following fields are similar to the Job field section: Label, name, description.  
  •   You can also arrange the order of the new fields following the instructions for the Job field section above.  

  •  Field type: There are 10 field types for you to choose 

-    The formats of these following types are similar to the Job field section: Text, Url, Radio, Drop, Date.  
-    If you want to create a resume with other fields (Checkbox, Multivalue, Drop), you have to choose: Menu  > Resumes > [Field name] to insert data.

  On your resume from will show next to all default fields!