[JobEngine] ET Slider guide


You have to install and activate these following theme and extension:
- ET Slider extension
- JobEngine theme 

     Configuration instruction

  1. To start the configuration: Choose Engine Settings > ET Slider 

  2.  Click [Save +] to add another slider

  3.  Insert slide to the slider you’ve just created

  4.    Filling the empty fields: 

  •  Title: Insert title for your slide
  •  Slide text: Insert text for your slide
  •  Link: when users click on your slide, they will be sent to the link you inserted
  •  Click Browser to upload images for the slide

 5.    Click Save to complete your settings. You can add many slides for one slide
 6.    You have two ways to show your slide in the frontend

  • Using Widget ET Slider: Drag ET Widget bar to the position you want it to appear. Choose the slider you’ve just created and do the specific settings for it: slide speed, slide height, etc. Click Save to complete your actions.

After completing your settings, you can see it appears in the frontend as following:

  •    Using short code: Copy the short – code which associated with the slider, then paste it to the place you want it to appear (posts, pages, etc). The default short code is: [et_slider id=1 height=325 speed=5000). If you don’t set the Slide’s speed and Slide’s height, the system will automatically use the default settings as above.