[JobEngine] JE PayPal Express guide


You’ve already installed and activated these following theme and extension:

  • JE Paypal Express extension 
  • JobEngine theme 

You’ve had the below information from PayPal. (If you haven’t got these information, please check out PayPal.com for more detail)

  • API Usename 
  • API Password 
  • API Signature 


This is the extension which helps users do their payment through PayPal gateway


1. After activating, choose Engine Setting > Settings > Payment 

2. Complete the necessary information and click the Enable button.

3. When customers do their payment after using the services, some payment gateways will appear on the screen:

4. Select Paypal Express and insert your account information.

5. After successful login, you will see a pop – up window (see the picture below).

6. After checking up your information in this pop – up window, click Pay Now to start your payment process.

7. If your payment is successful, you will be received a notification and your post will be displayed on the website.