[JobEngine] JE PayUMoney


- You have to get the following theme and extension installed and activated

  • JE PayUMoney extension 
  • JobEngine Theme 

- You have to acquire these below information from Payumoney.com (If you haven’t got these information, please check out in Payumoney.com for more details)

  • Merchant Id 
  • Key-Salt 

Your merchant Key-Salt will be available once your account is approved for Website Integration. Please contact (merchantcare@payumoney.com) for more details.

How it works? 

This extension helps users do their payment through PayU gateway To make the first configuration, hover the mouse on “Engine Setting” and click on “PayU”.

Fill in with the following information

Using the below credentials for testing only

  • Merchant ID: JBZaLc 
  • SALT: GQs7yium 
  • Test Mode – choose Engine Setting > Settings > Payment then click enable Payment test mode

Note: PayUMoney only accepts Indian currency 

Payment currency 

Currency code: INR – currency sign: ₹ 

Want to start your business – Go live

  • Merchant ID – Enter the Merchant Key supplied to you (Please don’t enter the Merchant ID supplied to you). 
  • SALT - Enter the Merchant Salt supplied to you. 
  • Test Modeclick disable Payment test mode 

When customers do their payment after using the services, there will be some payment gateways appear on the screen:

Select the PayU option and insert necessary information.

Click Pay Now With PayUMoney to start the payment process.