[JobEngine] JE Coupon guide


You’ve already installed and activated these following theme and extension:

  • JE Coupon extension 
  • JobEngine theme 


  • Create discount code for payment packages.
  • Customers can use this code to get a discount when posting jobs on the website.


1. After activating, choose Engine Setting > JE Coupon 

 2. Click New to create a new coupon. 

Filling all the necessary information:

  •  Coupon Usage Count: Enter a number to limit how many times a coupon can be used. 
  •  Discount: Enter the discount value (You can set a discount in number or percentage) 
  •  User Coupon Usage Count: Enter a number to limit how many times a user can use the coupon. 
  •  Dates: Decide the valid time for the coupon. 
  •  Payment plans: Decide which payment packages the coupon can be used.

3. After creating the coupons, you will have a Coupon list:

4. Copy the coupon code and send to your customers. If your customers have this code, they can get a discount when they post a job.

5. When customers do their payment, if they have a coupon code, they can click the Coupon button and insert the code.

6. Back to the Coupon List, you can see how many times a coupon has been used.