2.4. Set up menus and widgets

1. Menus

Where? Appearance → Menus. MicrojobEngine supports header and footer menus. You can use this to add, sort or display priority information on your site.

How? Create a new menu → Enter menu name → Click “Create menu”.

Now you’re good to choose items on the left column, including pages, posts, custom links, or categories and add them to your menu.

To create a menu for footer 3 similar to our demo site, check the following options:

  • Custom links FreelanceEngine
  • Custom links DirectoryEngine
  • Custom links ClassifiedEngine
  • Custom links All Themes

You can also drag the items to the suitable order. Click Add to menu then Save menu.

2. Widgets

Where? Appearance → Widgets. Widgets are used to create footers and blog sidebar, all of which appear at the end of your site.


You can add as many as 4 footers and a blog sidebar for your footer section. To add widgets to your footer, simply drag and drop available widgets on the left corner.

As you can see in the image, widget Custom menu was added to Footer 1, 2 and 3, while Text widget was used in Footer 4. When you’re all done, don’t forget to click Save to keep all your settings.

Here's the video tutorial giving you the ultimate guide to set up menus and widgets: