Update the theme

There are two ways to update your theme to the latest versions: via your back-end or via your FTP account.

1. Via the back - end

In order to update your theme via the back-end, you go to Engine Settings > Settings > Updates. Then, enter your license key on Enginethemes.com.

Enter your license key to get notification message whenever our themes are released new version

After you filled your license key, whenever our themes are released a new version, a notification message will be shown in your WordPress dashboard.

Notification is shown whenever our theme is updated

In order to update your theme, go to Appearance > Themes > Theme Details. Any themes that have updates available will display an alert banner. Choose the theme you want to upgrade and click on “update now” as the image below:

Click on the "update now" to update your theme

Your theme is successfully updated

Please note that updating your theme will overwrite all files of the older version. So we advise you to keep a back-up of your current version before updating it should you consider using again the older version. 

2. Via your FTP account  

After downloading the latest version, you have to extract the package in your computer. Then, find a file whose name is " changelog.txt", this  file includes all the files which have been changed in the new version.

Login to your site via FTP, then navigate to " .../wp-content/themes" and find your old theme. 

In the local site section, select the folder that you have extracted. 

Click on this folder, copy & drag all changed files to the "Remote site" to overwrite your theme.

Finally, you should go to Engine Settings > Appearance > Themes > Theme Details to check your theme is updated or not.