AE Paymill


You’ve already installed and activated the following theme and extension:

  • AE Paymill extension 
  • DirectoryEngine, DinningEngine, or EstateEngine 

You’ve had the below information from Paymill. (If you haven’t got these information, please check out in for more detail)

  • Paymill Secret Key 
  • Paymill Public Key 


This is the extension which helps users do their payment through Paymill gateway


1. After activating, choose Engine Setting > Settings > Payment 

2. Insert your Paymill secret key and Public key, then click Enable button.

3. When customers do their payment after using the services, there will be some payment gateways appear on the screen:

4. Select the Paymill option and insert necessary information. 

5. Click Pay Through Paymill to start the payment process. 

6. It will automatically send the request to server and users will be received a responsive notification.