FrE Private Message

This extension helps the employers and freelancers to have a better communication. Using this extension, employers can easily start a private conversation with freelancers before accepting the bids.

  • Freelancer has to bid on the project first.
  • Only employer can start the conversation.

Installing the extension

Automatic installation:

1.    Download FrE Private Message from your EngineThemes account.
2.    Go to Plugins > Add new > Upload > Choose FrE Private Message and upload it.
3.    If successful, click Activate Plugin to activate it.

Manual installation:

1.    After purchasing FrE Private Message, download it from your EngineThemes account.
2.    Extract the downloaded file into your wp-content > plugins folder.
3.    Activate the plugin in “ Plugins” tab in the back-end.

Setting up the extension in the dashboard

Once you activate the extension, you'll see a section named "Private message" in your Engine settings tab. In this section, you can decide how the extension will work in the front-end.

1.    To prevent spamming onsite, you can set time delay between two messages.You can decide the time delay between the two messages as well as the two reply.
2.     You can view the email notification will be sent to the users when the conversation is started.

3.    As an admin, you can't interact in the users' conversations. However, you can check them out in the Private messages tab.

In this tab, you can view, edit, delete and also add a new private message.

How the extension works in the front-end


After posting a project and then receiving notification of bidding from freelancers, employer can send a message to specific bidder before accepting the bid in Your profile/Project details. Employer clicks on the project, then the image below would appear. There is a blue Message button on the right corner:

Employer clicks on that blue button and a pop-up will show up, like this:

Freelancer: After employer types a message and sends it, freelancer would receive a notification about a new message in the Inbox:

Freelancer clicks on the message to read and reply:

And then the message flow continues smoothly when the user can receive new message instantly without refreshing page.