Download and install the theme

1. Download your theme

To download the theme:

2. Install your theme

Before setting up the theme, you will need a WordPress copy installed on your server or localhost. Go to to get a WordPress copy.

You may want to visit the following links to help you get started with WordPress Once you’re ready to install your theme, follow either of these two ways:

  • Extract your theme zip file at .../wp-content/themes. Once the file is extracted, your theme will automatically appear in Appearance → Themes tab of your WordPress admin site.
  • Go to Appearance → Themes → Install Themes →  Upload. Press Browse button, select your theme zip file and click Install Now.

If the installation is successful, you will see the message " Theme installed successfully" and you will be asked to activate the theme right away or later. You can activate your theme anytime by accessing Appearance → Themes.