Using localization feature

English is the default language for the theme, but any language can be added and used for the site. Wherever you are, you can use this feature to select the language you want to use for your website. Besides, you can also use this feature to change all texts in the themes.

Where? Engine Settings → Settings → Language


  • Website Language:

Select your desired language from the list. The system will automatically save and reflect changes in your website.

If you wish to use a language not on the list, you may add one anytime. However, you will need to manually translate the site’s contents:

Click Add a new language to insert. Then press Enter on your keyboard to save.

  • Translator:

Choose the language from the dropdown list you created for your website.

Do translation for each field.

Click “Save” when you complete all your translation. You are recommended to save your translation after every 20 string to make sure it won’t be lost. 

*Note: Your sites might become unresponsive after you choose the language. In order to solve this problem, we recommend you to use Firefox browser when using localization feature to prevent your site from crashing.