[CE] Customize the theme

Quick customization in the front-end

Currently, ClassifiedEngine (CE) is supporting the quick customization in front-end to help you easily manage your site’s color appearance.

  • To customize your site from the front-end, you just click the Active Customization Mode icon located at the middle left of the page.

  • Color Schemes allows you to change your site’s color scheme. There are eight colors available for your choice

  • After selecting the color, don’t forget to save your settings.
  • Besides, you can also click Reset to change your color schemes to the default setting.

Customize your theme in back-end

In order for further customization, you go to Appearance > Customize to set up.

There are 4 options for you to customize:

  • Site identity: This section allows you to change your site title, tagline, and site icon.
  • Menus: This enables you to customize your site’s menu locations.
  • Widgets: You can change your site’s widgets in this section.
  • Static Front Page: This allows you to select the front page displays, front page, and post page.

*Note: With each customized action, you must click the Save & Publish button to submit.