[QAEngine] Customize the theme

For some basic customization, especially the color of the site, you can use the WordPress customize. Choose Appearance > Customize in the admin panel.

There are 5 options for you to customize:

  • Site identity: This section allows you to change your site title, tagline, and site icon.
  • Colors: You can change your site’s color schemes in the Colors section. It allows you to change the link color, main action color, sidebar background color, header background color, and header menus background color.
  • Menus: This enables you to customize your site’s menu locations.
  • Widgets: You can change your site’s widgets.
  • Static Front Page: This allows you to select the front page displays, front page, and post page.

*Note: With each customized action, you must click the Save & Publish button to submit.