​What Is FTP?

What is FTP Client?

FTP stands for "file transfer protocol” - a standard network protocol used for the transfer of computer files between a client and server on a computer network. You can use FTP to upload and download files on the site, usually whose size is too big and would take a long time to download. Also, it is the most secure method to transfer data on the Internet.

How can you get files onto your site and exchange them?

There are two ways of getting files onto your site, and once there, changing them.

  1. By using the file manager provided in your host's control panel. Popular file managers: cPanel , DirectAdmin , Plesk
  2. By using an FTP or SFTP client. This guide will show you how to use FileZilla.

What is an FTP Server?

FTP server is a software .html application running the FTP, which is the protocol for exchange files over the Internet. Typically, a computer dedicated to receiving an FTP connection is referred to as an FTP server or FTP site.

What do you need to start using FTP?

To use the FTP, your site must have:

  • An FTP client application
  • An FTP server

Why is FTP needed for Technical Support?

When you submit a ticket for technical support, we will often ask you to provide us your FTP details since we want to know the way you log into your server as well as access the application files so that we can support or upload files for the installation request.

In this situation, you should provide us an FTP account to access your hosting server & the username and password for your database - the domain you want to set up the theme. After that, our TS will check your site and resolve the issue.