3.9. How to set up MjE Job Verification extension

Back-end settings

1. From your Dashboard, go to  Plugins → Add New to add MjE Job Verification plugin.

2.  Activate MjE Job Verification as the image below:

3. Go to Engine Settings → Job Verification to set up.

4. Set up all required fields in the " General Settings" section:

  • Order Finished: This is where you will set the minimum orders of a certain mJob that sellers must finish before requesting a verification for this mJob.
  • Job Verification Commission Fee: This field allows you to set up the commission fee (%) that you want to charge on a claim.
  • Job Verification Display: In the seller’s claim tab, all claims including approved, declined, verifying mJobs, etc, will be listed here. The numbers of claims shown depend on the setting that you set up in this field.
  • User Job Verification Page: Once MjE Claim is activated, a claim page is automatically created and named as “My Claim”. In case you want to edit this page, for example, changing its name, please go to Pages section to modify. Or if you want to choose another page or create a new page and want it to functions as the Claim page, go to “Pages” section, open “My Claim” page, copy the shortcode of this page [mje_my_claim] and then paste to the page you want to replace/page you’ve created.
  • Job Verification Page Detail: Set up actions are similar to those in the user claim page.
  • Terms of Service and Privacy Policy Page: This page is where you set up the terms of service and privacy policy page, displayed in the user claim information. You can use the default page or edit the page as you wish. All steps to create or modify this place are similar to those of the 2 pages above.
  • Tooltips: MjE Job Verification allows you to decide the tooltips shown in the claim detail page of both the admin and seller. Enter your own notification in this field.
  • Payment/ Cash Receipt Notification: You can edit the email template sent to the seller for his payment as you wish in this field.

Plugin Translation

Our world has so many different beautiful languages. So do our customers’ websites. Not all websites use English, so we have input texts of Bookmark extension in a file for you to translate to your own language. We have checked this translation method, it’s very convenient and easy to use. Read  this video to learn how it works.