FrE SagePay


You have to get the following theme and extension installed and activated 
-         FrE Sagepay extension 
-         FreelanceEngine

You have to acquire these below information from SagePay 
-         Vendor Name 
-         Encrypt Password

Here’re the detailed steps

1.     Getting information from SagePay

Please contact Sage Pay to get your own test account (full control) and your encrypt password assigned to you by SagePay.

2.     Settings at the back-end

After activating, choose  Engine Settings > SagePay gateway.
Then you just have to complete all the blank space including:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Vendor name
  • Encrypt password

Also, you can use the test account to try the payment gateway first. Enable the Payment test mode then insert the below information:

  • Vendor Name: protxross
  • SALT: TPjs72eMz5qBnaTa

3.      Font-end look

When customers do their payment after using the services, the payment gateways will appear as below:  
Select the SagePay option and insert necessary information.