FrE PayUMoney


-     You have to get the following theme and extension installed and activated

  • FrE PayUMoney extension
  • FreelanceEngine

-     You have to acquire these below information from (If you haven’t got  these information , please check out in  for more details)

  • Merchant Id
  • Key-Salt

Your merchant Key-Salt will be available once your account is approved for Website Integration.  
Please contact ( for more details. 

How  it works ?

This extension helps users do their payment through PayU gateway

To make the first configuration, hover the mouse on “ Engine Setting” and click on "PayU”. 

Fill in with the following information 

Using the below credentials for testing only

  • Merchant ID: JBZaLc
  • SALT: GQs7yium
  • Test Mode – choose Engine Setting > Settings > Payment then click enable  

Payment test mode

Note: PayUMoney only accepts Indian currency  
         Payment currency 
         Currency code: INR – currency sign: ₹ 
Want to start your business – Go live

  • Merchant ID – Enter the Merchant Key supplied to you (Please don’t enter the Merchant ID supplied to you).
  • SALT - Enter the Merchant Salt supplied to you.
  • Test Mode – click disable Payment test mode

When customers do their payment after using the services, there will be some payment gateways appear on the screen: 

Select the  PayU option and insert necessary information.

Click on the Make Payment button to proceed the payment.