FrE Set up Credit Plus

Credit Settings & Management


To use Credit as a payment gateway for each transaction on your site, you must activate FrE Credit Plus plugin along with FrE Credit.

1. FrE Credit Plus plugin: In Dashboard, go to Plugins setting page to activate this extension.

2. Admin credit package settings

Once you have activated the Credit Plus plugin, go to the same Credit system page and scroll down to the package settings.

This is a new feature of Credit Plus. You can use this feature for special pricing. For example:

Previously, the price of the credit you deposit is the same as the credit package pricing. Now as a site admin, you can offer your site users flexible credit plans so they can choose to deposit a specific fixed amount or the great value options.

So when your site user decide to deposit the credit, they can choose to pay $100 for $120 value in this case.

3. Custom Credit deposit

This is a new feature for site users. Instead of having to go with the fixed pricing, your site user can now deposit the flexible amount.