Community Chat Box Plugin V1.0


  • Community Chat Box Plugin is a plugin allow the users to able to communicate realtime. It use Pusher library to push message instantly.
  • Community Chat Box plugin can be only used for ForumEngine Theme and QAEngine theme.
  • You need to register Pusher account and get API to make the plugin work.
  • The messages will not be stored in database to avoid spam or crash the database.

Register Pusher

  1. You access to this site for registering and get API Pusher information:

  1. Register account and confirm your email address
  2. Click to create channel

  1. Fill the information for your app and click to create app button

  1. Click to app keys to get API information ( Note : Please store the API information in safe place )

Set up Plugin

Go to Chat Box Settings and enter the API information which you get from Pusher.

Please make sure that you enter the correct information.

Channel name: you must avoid special character and should make it like a slug ( no space , no special character)

You can also change the other settings:

For example : you must not offend other users , spam , spread bad news, scam,....

You can also replace text with the built-in option:

Especially, you can change the color of the Chat Box with the available options:

Add to header menu

You can go to Appearance > Menus > Add items to header menu like this: